At PFCS, we welcome and encourage all families to be actively involved in school life.  As such, our Parents & Friends Association is central to our school community.  Our P&F extends support to our staff and students, hosts social functions, facilitates parental involvement in a range of activities, organises fundraising events and strengthens the bonds we share with our local community. 

Working closely with school staff, our P&F supports and promotes our school by running a number of events throughout the course of the year.  Each event is carefully considered, well organised and aligns with our school values and objectives.  These activities enhance our school, our school community and the community of Port Fairy & surrounds. 

Our P&F Association is well known for organising and hosting major community events and initiatives such as the Port Fairy Marathon and Community Running Festival, Rent a Tent during Folkie, the Twilight Market and the 3284 Loyalty Shopper Cards.

Involvement in our P&F is an excellent way to foster social connections, strengthen networks within our school community, and be actively involved in the educational and extra-curricular activities of your child.  Membership of the P&F is rewarding, enjoyable and provides immense fulfilment. We are always accepting new members, please contact our school office to find out more about how to get involved.