Physical Education and involvement in sport offers many benefits to developing children, from improved health and well-being, to a sense of belonging and achievement. To foster and encourage this at P.F.C.S, students are involved in high quality Physical Education sessions each week where participation, team skills and a ‘Can Do’ attitude are practiced and encouraged. The program is designed to prepare students for a positive lifelong relationship and understanding of physical literacy and the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.
Our comprehensive program provides students with a wide range of physical and sporting experiences focusing on the sequential development of fundamental motor and locomotor skills, gymnastics, dance, athletics, fitness and a wide variety of team sports, both competitive and non-competitive.

Students receive specialist, Physical Education classes on a weekly basis for 60 minutes. We have a vast array of P.E equipment, which ensures a wide variety of exciting new experiences each session.
The children are challenged in all their Physical Education activities to work cooperatively, follow simple instructions and rules and to use equipment and space safely. They are encouraged to identify the feelings they experience during and after physical activity.
We provide opportunities for all to represent the school in a variety of organised sports including; Athletics, Swimming, Football, Netball, Basketball, Cricket, Cycling, Golf, Triathlon, Soccer and Horse Riding.

Each year P.F.C.S run a whole school House Athletics Day, a Runners/Walkers program, the Rail Trail Marathon, swimming lessons, whole school Cross Country and many other lunchtime activities to promote being active and to offer new physical experiences. We encourage and welcome all our school community to get involved in these areas to assist us in providing a rich and varied Physical Education program. We have strong connections with all our local sporting clubs and organisations and promote them within our school P.E program.