At Port Fairy Consolidated School, we believe wellbeing is of utmost importance. With this in mind, we explicitly teach students to navigate friendships, their feelings, being connected and grateful and being a productive citizen.

In 2022, we began our journey with The Resilience Project. Each week, students are explicitly taught lessons around three key pillars that are proven to cultivate positive emotions. These are; Gratitude,Empathy and Mindfulness. Because we know that it is important for our whole school community to practice these pillars in their everyday lives, parents are given the opportunity to take part in online sessions and access online materials

It takes a village to raise our students, and this is one part of it.

We also have an Inclusion and Wellbeing Officer, who supports the students, staff and families three days per week. This role is ever changing and is one that revolves around the needs of the school community.